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Begining of 2020, the Romanian government re-confirmed the new State Aid Scheme for film and television productions. The plan authorizes a 35% CASH REBATE of the Romanian Spent and, 10% extra CASH REBATE for promoting Romania in an explicit way (e.g. Romanian landmarks, regions, cities, traditions, etc). International productions are required to partner with a local production services company or co-producer to qualify. A 50% Cash Rebate, is also available for withholding taxes due in respect of all foreign cast and crew part of the Romanian budget.
The rebate plan is available for:
· Feature films
· Medium and short fiction films
· Internet and any other media platforms films
· TV series
· Direct-to-video
· Documentaries and animated films.

Commercials, Soap Opera and Talks show are not qualifying for the new State Aid Scheme.
* It is important to know that a Cultural Test is essential for all the projects‌.